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The Main 4 : Must Have Types of Friends

  Let's take a little trip down memory lane to your first day of kindergarten or grade school. You were probably nervous, scared, or excited. Maybe even all of the above. You were probably worried about whether you would like the school or people would like you. You were probably worried that you might not make any friends.   For a lot of us, that's how the story really begins for us, but at the end of the day, we end up making those friends. Someone them even lasting a lifetime.     Humans are social beings. We aren’t meant to be alone. That is why any sort of relationship that nurtures a connection between two parties is almost always beneficial to both parties. Friendships are always beneficial. Friends give  you all the love and support you need. If you are in any kind of situation your friends will always have your back. The point is, friends are very important and that is why you consider a friend is very important.  You don’t need a lot of friends, you just
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The Art of Not Giving A F***

  It seems that almost always life is a set of hurls you must jump over. At any point in time, you feel like an act in the circus trying to juggle a million things at once within a tight framework. It often may be exhausting trying to navigate the way the world works. From family drama to friendship fights to workplace or school stress, there is no set map to get out alive! Often, we try and are told to try to control the people around us or the aspects of our lives that are causing us anxiety. However, here is a basic life lesson that needs to sink in, the only person you can control is yourself. So, its your reactions to life circumstances that you must start to manipulate and control. And this, it the MOST difficult part. For many things in life, you must adopt the art of not giving an EF. Here are some steps to help you navigate this feeling:          Acknowledge what’s affecting you: Sometimes it’s the small things that affect us. It's important to acknowledge what’s hurt

7 Signs that show you're burning out.

    How have you been feeling lately? Because if you have been feeling lonely, exhausted, and sad six out of seven days of the week you might be on the road to burnout out.     What is burnout?  Burnout is the point of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion that is caused by chronic stress. It can cause you to feel hopeless or inadequate.     Burnout doesn’t just happen overnight. It happens over time. It is caused by a lot of factors including work, home, lifestyle, and so on. All these things come together to form this gigantic dark wave that covers the individual like a blanket. This dark wave also spills into every aspect of their lives: home, work, etc. The person may start to underperform, detach themselves, get easily frustrated, etc.      Now, although burnout is caused by prolonged stress, they are not the same thing. With stress there is hope. You believe there is light at the end of the tunnel. But with burnout its the complete opposite. You believe there is no poin

8 Technology Accessories to Help with Online Workspace efficiency

The unprecedented circumstances of the pandemic have hit everyone from health care workers to elected officials. However, it has especially hit everyday people. Normal work schedules and spaces become hindered, and bedrooms have easily turned into classrooms for many students. The overall feedback from this experience is that indeed, gathering motivation and having the right tools to guide this at-home online transition is needed to effectively pull through zoom-university. After an extensive search, we have gathered the 7 most useful technology add-ons to enhance your online work and online learning. Laptop Stand : Often we find ourselves slouching down in chairs when working for extended hours on laptops or other technological devices. This stance can easily do damage to an individual’s upper and lower back which may lead to pain and irritation. A laptop stand elevates and angles the laptop to reach the individual’s eye level during the regular rested state of sitting at an office

3 Step Guide to Confrontation

 Confrontation is not always an easy thing. If you are reading this, chances are you agree with the earlier statement. You gotta deal with potential emotional outbursts, you may have misread the situation, your perspective may be narrow as a result of bias or not having enough information, and so on. There are so many things that make confrontation so unappealing. However, the one word that sums up the general feeling you get from confrontation is discomfort.    Confrontation is uncomfortable and some of us would rather sit and suffer and silence for all of eternity than be uncomfortable for five seconds. But you know what? It doesn’t have to be like that. Confrontation doesn’t have to be so bad with this guaranteed three-step method that will assure you and the other party comfort and relaxation. This three-step guide is known as R.P. E Research Planning Execution Research You have to know all the facts. You never go into war unprepared. The same principle sh

3 Steps to accepting a compliment

Compliments are something we all crave but at the same time its something a lot of us don’t know how to accept. A lot of us feel uncomfortable when receiving one. We feel like we might not deserve it, or the compliment is out of pity, or we are just being lied to. We are basically trying to be our biggest hater and that can be very dangerous.     Not knowing how to take a compliment can make you seem arrogant or cocky. It can also have the opposite effect. You can seem not so confident in your work or be assumed to have low self-esteem. To avoid all these assumptions it's best we learn this life skill. Yes! Accepting a compliment is a life skill. And here are the three steps to learning this very important life skill. #1 Say thank you: It’s very easy. It's literally two words and you can never go wrong with them. Add a sincere smile to it and you have yourself a humble, respectable human being. It's always important that we show gratitude because lack thereof

8 Types of Siblings and their compatability

Siblings, they're either a blessing or a curse. You can love them and hate them all at the same time. Just cause you are blood doesn't mean you are always going to get along. Sibling relationships don't really work like that. Compatability isn't always guaranteed, your sibling might not be the one to lie for you or be willing to take the fall for you blindly. This is why to determine sibling compatibility, we need to base of the knowledge of the types of siblings. The types of siblings are numerous, however here are eight types of siblings we can all agree on. The snitch: This is pretty much self-explanatory. Always spilling other people's business. By other people I mean the siblings. Can never keep a secret and can't resist to report everything they hear to the parents. There is no age limit on this type of sibling. The ideal child: Also known as the good example. This is the sibling your parents always compare you to. The sibling they want you to be

8 Types of People you'll see at the Movies

Going to the movie theatres has always been an experience. Your excitement building, entering the vast theatre, grabbing yourself some hot popcorn and snacks and heading to your designated theatre. Once situated, your anticipation is growing, waiting to view the plot of the movie through the immense screen, and the surround sound that makes you jump. However, as you get ready to enjoy the movie you notice the typical people around you in the theatre that “enhance” your experience. Let's take you through your a tour of the movie theatre. 1. The Strident Snackers In the process of enjoying a movie, there is constant loud chewing, gulping, or rustling sound. This is coming from the loud snacker in the row behind you who doesn’t know how to chew with their mouths closed or to keep the noise level to a MINIMUM. In fact, this is the person that orders the largest size of popcorn and leaves a trail. Honestly, we all have a little of the strident snackers in us.  2. The Sleepy Slumber

5 life lessons to take way from The Lion King

 After a year of its release I finally decided to watch new live action lion king movie. I normally don't partake in watching remakes of the classics mostly because they almost always ruin it i.e every cartoon on cartoon Network. But I made an exception for this mostly because I never get sick of watching the lion king. I will say I don't regret it. One thing I do wanna know is I'm I the only one that kept on seeing Beyonce doing the voice over in the booth in their head🤔🙂?  Like anytime grown Nala spoke that was all I saw. Let us know in the comments. Anyways, I digress.   Anytime I embark on the journey of watching this classic I always learn something new. Here are five life lessons you should take away from the lion king. The past is irrelevant : The past has already happened. Unless you have a time machine there is nothing you can do about it. What you can do is try and be better for the future. Your past can shape you however it shouldn't define you.

I stand with picky eaters

I am a #foodie. Always have, always will. Till I die fam, till I die. Naturally, as a foodie, I felt it was my duty to defend the good food out there that were criticized or not shown enough affection to by picky eaters.   I believed picky eaters to be the Vilgax to our #foodie Ben Tennyson. I used to think picky eaters were just annoying, obnoxious, and not so open to change. I can't count the number of times I've said "Picky eaters are annoying" or gone on some "Picky eaters are the worst" rant. The sad part is most of my friends are picky eaters and going out to eat is a hassle. We never tried new restaurants because of the fear of being starved that night. I used to get so pissed cause I thought they were being selfish. My philosophy is if you are not deathly allergic to it, then it's edible. But now, after doing some research I realized that I was not being empathetic with my picky eater friends.    How picky eaters are born   Picky ea

Places to keep your emotions from going *boom* in

Life is hard, it really is. If only there was a universal handbook for this. Everyone’s journey is different. Everyone’s hardship is different. Sometimes it's the complications in our lives that lead to hardships. This leads me to my next point: life is complicated and one of the factors that make our lives complicated is our relationships.  Friends, family, significant others, and so on all have the power to either make your life a living hell or a lot more bearable. When they happen to be satan’s spawns and make your life a living hell you either let them know and check their ass or, for the nonconfrontational folks, do nothing and let it pile up. Now the problem with letting things pile up is that one day you will go BOOM! Whether you plan it or not. When your feelings explode, the least you can do is be mindful of the location. Here are three major places to avoid going boom.  The bus: This is absolutely the worse place to ever let your emotions blow up. It doesn’t mat

All about dreams

Dreams are often described as reflections of what our mind wants us to do, dreams are a wish the heart desires. That is understood when having dreams of success, luxuries, or even dreams about a crush you might have… But what about those weird dreams of a giant milk carton invading earth or being a judge in the trial of a cartoon character. I know for sure those are not any wishes from the heart of most people. When recounting your dreams people proceed to ask you a couple questions such as; ‘did you watch a movie or read a book on the subject?’, ‘Did this topic come up in a conversation you might have had?’. Answers often differ to these questions and are often not helpful in giving helpful or meaningful answers. The real question here is: “Why do our minds have this ability to come up with concepts that seem so real, which we have no prior knowledge to, that may or may not have come from a real-life queue such as a conversation or movie?”.     According to recent studies, dream

Umm….. Excuse me, this doesn’t have a label

      When out shopping, people tend to read the label on the back of the item they are looking to buy. The label will tell you every single detail about that item; when it was made, what it was made with, where it was made, etc. Reading that little piece of information helps you decide whether the item is useful to you or not. The purpose of a label is to simplify things that seem complex. For example; you have a can of tomatoes in your hands. The look of the can is foreign to your knowledge and when you start wondering how they got it in there, how they preserved it and so on. Just turn the item around and BAM! You got a label to answer all your questions. With the label coming in for the save here, it's convinced you it's not that terrible. And it's generally not terrible when applied to perishable items. However, when applying the idea to humans, let's just say, as eloquently as I can, shit is fucked up.     Labels are extremely damaging to humans and I'm glad